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Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss- Ivory Jet Services lands in New York

Business’ aviation shows signs of recovery in New York

The NBAA business’ aviation’s show opened on Tuesday in Nevada with the commercial  launch of a new high-end business jet model by Gulfstream and a large order for Embraer.  Despite the increase of the amount of deliveries again, the slowdown in the world economy encourages manufacturers to remain cautious.

During the first day in Las Vegas, the NBAA’s business’ aviation’s show hit the jackpot, with two spectacular announcements: the launch of a new high-end model by the American Gulfstream and the signing of a big order by the American rental company Flexjet - 64 business’ jets for the Brazilian Embraer, with a total value of $1.4 billion. What boosts the morale of professionals in the sector still facing a rather sluggish market.

The new flagship of Gulfstream 

The new Gulfstream 700 unveiled this Monday in the form of a model aims to become the  largest, widest and most efficient business’ jet. Capable of covering 13,890 km with a top  speed of 0.925 Mach (1,142 k/h) and carrying up to 19 passengers, this twin-jet engine  equipped with Rolls-Royce engines should enter service in 2022.

New flagship of the range Gulfstream, the G700 will compete with the Falcon 8X from Dassault Aviation and the Bombardier 7500 which entered service last year in the very high-end segment. A market that has stood up better than the others to the stagnation of business’ aviation.

Global deliveries on the rise  

In addition to this good news, the increase in global sales of business’ jets since the start of  the year. Already sensitive in the first quarter (with 141 deliveries against 132 in the first quarter of 2018), this increase was amplified in the second quarter, with 192 deliveries against 164 the previous year, according to figures from the Gama association of aircraft  manufacturers’ business. And according to Eric Trappier, the summer has been very active, at least for Dassault Aviation, with 19 Falcon sales in July and August.

Two reasons why the United States dominates the business’ aviation market

1) The industry was born there 50 years ago this year. Considered by many to be the  world's first business jet, the LearJet 23 made its first flight from Wichita, Kansas in October  1963. Only nine months later and for a total investment of $ 14 million, this plane imagined  by Bill Lear was officially certified by the FAA and ready for sale. The LearJet brand  became synonymous with private jets for many years.  

2) Americans buy half of private jets According to the General Aviation Manufacturers  Association, the United States bought 49.7% of the planes built in 2012. Against 20.8% for  Europe, 11.8% for l '' Asia-Pacific, 11.6% for Latin America and 6.1% for Africa and the  Middle East.

Ivory Jet Services in New York

Based in Djibouti, and founded by Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss, Ivory Jet Services specializes in private air transport to the major capitals of the world.

Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss created his company to allow the African continent to have a private aviation company capable of responding in all respects to the expectations of a demanding clientele, namely businessmen and diplomatic missions.

Then, he extended this ambition to the field of health in order to meet this vital need that affects us all, by allowing, with all the professionalism that this requires, the medical evacuation service aimed at transporting  people in need of care medically urgent to hospitals in the sub-region with the infrastructure to  treat them.

According to the traditional model, private airlines tend to select a niche market : private jets, charter of larger planes or even health planes. However, the last few years have seen the emergence of new economic models reflecting the evolving society such as the company Ivory Jet Services.

This multi-faceted company based in Djibouti, in East Africa, is establishing new codes within the world of private aviation. From the jet for two people, to the convoy of patients to hospitals in neighboring countries, the President and CEO Mr Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss has thought of everything. A demanding businessman  and committed entrepreneur, he is shaking up the codes to register as the precursor of a new era.


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